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Norman Porges

Founder of Prime Shine Car Washes

Norm was born in NYC, graduated with a BSBA in Management from the University of Denver. Following graduation, he spent several years with the Squibb Pharmaceutical company and the institutional foods division of Beatrice Foods. Upon his move to California, he joined the Zacky Farms organization in Los Angeles and finally moved to Modesto to become VP of the West Coast operations of the Christian Salvesen Company, a world-wide provider of temperature control foods logistic services.

In 1991, the first Prime Shine was opened to offer what Norm wished to accomplish: “To change the way Californians thought about washing their cars”. And he did! The need for a quick, convenient, quality car wash at a value hit home.

After 30 years in the professional car washing business, he is pleased to say that there have been many objectives that he reached. First and foremost, to have son, Evan, join him early-on to help guide, grow and eventually sell the business. Secondly, to have seen so many employees become second family and see their families grow. And thirdly, to be able to give back to the communities, in both time and money, that have supported Prime Shine over the years.

Today, after the successful sale of the largest, family-owned car wash company in California to Mr. Car Wash, the nation’s foremost and largest car wash company in the nation, Norm is enjoying the fruits of his labor. If not traveling or golfing, he is involved in philanthropic activities in our communities. His passion to “change the way Californians thought about washing their cars” is now a passion to “raise the quality of life of Central Valley residents while at the same time, enlighten them to the amazing opportunities available in their own backyard”. Norm has joined his son once again to establish the Porges Family Foundation to oversee this mission.

On a personal note, Norm and his wife, Marilyn, love to travel and discover all the fascinating cultures in the world. When not traveling, they enjoy golfing with their friends followed by that celebratory glass of fine wine and gracious dining.


Norman Porges
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